The project car

In case you haven’t been around lately to hear my blather, a few months ago I bought myself a project car.  Yup, I’m venturing into the world of DIY automotive repair.  Why you ask?  Well, damn fine question really.  I guess just because, fundamentally, I like to understand how everything works, and you can’t truly understand without getting your hands dirty.  My plan is to blog a few fairly detailed posts every time I open the hood, but I thought to kick it off, I’d start with the plan.

So what is the project car?  It’s a 2008 Mini Cooper S (R56).  I picked this car for a few reasons:

  1. It was relatively cheaply available
  2. It has the structure and the stability to hold up to the mods
  3. It has a relatively easily accessible engine cavity to make it easy for this nubeWhen I first got it, the timing chain went…a common problem with this model, and so I’ve had that replaced along with a new high output fuel pump.  So on to the plan.  Stage 1 for me is the intake system.  I plan on replacing most of the input side of the engine to get more air in.  Here is a list:Turbocharger upgrade K03 Super 42Hi-flow Turbo Outlet PipeHi-flow Charge PipeCold Air Intake (high flow induction)And then a new set of pure white headlights.After that, an exhaust and an ECU.  And then finally some new 17” wheels and tires.Wish me luck!

Jon Holt

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