I help people with their technology problems.

Understand the problem

Every consulting relationship happens because someone has a problem. Sometimes it’s a problem they don’t have the time to solve. Sometimes it’s a problem they don’t know how to solve. Sometimes, they know things aren’t working well, but they don’t even know how to verbalize the problem. I start every relationship with deep, active, listening in order to understanding the real problem.

I work primarily with people. Problems are only problems if they make somebody’s life difficult. But it becomes easy to blame technology for the problem, or worse, to throw technology at a problem like antibiotics at a virus. Adding technology to a misunderstood problem often creates super-problems that are almost impossible to fix.

Let’s start with understanding the real problem and then build a blueprint for the world in which the problem no longer exists.

Focus on solutions

In a world where we all have a computer in our pocket, technology is often our first thought when looking for a fix. But a fix is sometimes like a band-aid on a balloon. It works for a little while, but the pressure of the underlying problem eventually breaks through. Instead, I focus on solutions.

Taking a lean approach to process analysis, together we can get a deep understanding of where the problem is. Then we can find the most efficient and cost effective ways to improve the situation. Sometimes those involve technology, but more often than not we can solve the issue through adjusting what and how people behave.

Take it to the next level

If you don’t understand how technology can help, though, how do you know where it fits in the solution? That’s where an expert is important. Having worked with in a dozen industries, from single proprietors to government ministries to multinational corporations, I have the experience to know how technology can help. And more importantly, how it can’t. I can identify places where automation can enhance a process. And I can design it so that it fits into your current process seemlessly.

The real magic happens when we can start to decouple the growth of your profit from the growth of your staff. Many companies falter when their technique of just adding another person to the team no longer increases profit. Finding ways to leverage technology to scale up your customer base without scaling up your staff (or the hours you work) is the key to reaching the next level.

I’m not currently accepting new work, but feel free to reach out if you’d like to chat about what keeps you busy.