Jon Holt

I’m Jon Holt. I’ve been a consultant for over 15 years working with Governments, boards and financial institutions. In 2008 I started my first consulting agency with a partner. In 2009, I worked with my first startup helping them to figure out how to get off the ground. In 2011, I joined my first startup enterprise. In 2012, I started my second. And since 2008, I’ve been a director of a $14B credit union. I’ve worked with, worked in and worked on nearly 100 organizations of all sizes.

But my passion is sitting with business owners and helping them get clarity on what success looks like and how they might get there.

When I’m not having fun with businesses, I’m likely to be found spending long hours on my tri-bike pedalling through the mountains I live in. I’m a three-time Ironman Canada finisher (once in Penticton, once in Whistler, and once in Mont Tremblant). And I truly believe I swim, bike and run myself to happiness.