And then she was six

Shockingly, children grow up.  It seems like just yesterday that we were sitting around in the stifling heat of the beginning of July praying for the newest addition to our family to grace us with her presence.  And here we are, six years later sitting around in the stifling heat of the beginning of July in awe of the wonderful little human she’s become.  I know that they grow up, and I’m not usually nostalgic, but sometime it just seems that the journey happens too quickly.

I can vividly remember her the day she was born, determinedly climbing her mother’s belly looking for food.  I can still see the puzzle shaped birth mark on her tummy.  I can still feel her tiny, warm body as I rocked her to sleep in those early days.  I remember loving watching her playing on the beach in Belize at only 6 months (and her not sleeping much because of the heat).  I remember her discovering the cats and chasing them around on all fours.  And I remember camping with a playpen in our tent, cause that’s just what we do. But then she grew up.

I remember her first night in a big girl bed, where I read and snuggle instead of rock.  I remember her feeling so big and proud as we took her to her first day of playschool.  I remember her determinedly pumping her legs on her tiny little bike desperate to keep up with the rest of us.  I remember the first day the training wheels came off.  I remember watching her learn to play with her brother as only a little sister who idolizes her brother can, even if that involves space invader, dinosaur princesses.  And I remember learning to respect her opinion, because even at a really young age, she’s usually right.  But she keeps growing up.

Today I watch as she has a FaceTime (tm) with her cousins.  Today I listen as she has an in-depth conversation about her day with her grandparents on my cell phone.  Today I enjoy her giggles and singing as she plays in our backyard pool.  Today, on her sixth birthday, I realize how much she’s grown into a wonderful, determined, kind and intelligent human being and while I can’t help but want to slow down the progress, I can’t wait for what will come next.  I love you boo. Happy Birthday.


Jon Holt

A coach, an entrepreneur, and a no-bull advisor in growing small businesses through the use of practical strategy, light-weight governance and sitting back and thinking about running your business, regardless of what you do.

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