A user story - in video

Wire-framing is God's gift to requirements gathering.  Its true.  I'm a recent convert to formally including a wireframe in the design/requirments process.  Why this sudden conversion?  The discovery of a tool that makes it almost child's play to explore your options: balsamiq.  Here is my top-5 list of why wireframing, and balsamiq in particular, is awesome:

I've been working on the wireframes for our next SaaS offering, and I thought I would share.  But then I thought, if a picture is awesome, a movie would be even better.  So here's my first go at a user story come film:

I'd love to know what you think of the film, the concept (of making a film of mockups) and of the product itself.  I'll be going through it in more detail as we work through the kinks.